It's nice to meet you, I'm Dr. Felicity

I am a chartered Counselling Psychologist; I gained my doctorate from City University and have 15 years' experience working in mental health within the NHS.

Prior to my doctoral training, I gained my undergraduate in Psychology and Neuroscience (BSC Joint Hons) from Manchester University and my MSc at the IOPPN King's College London in Forensic Mental Health Science Research. I use leading neuroscience and psychological research and theory to guide my evidence-based practice.

My previous work has been within a range of adult NHS services, giving me a deep understanding of working with diversity of culture, race, religion, gender, and sexuality. I am mindful to pay attention to my clients personal context and circumstances as this can often be a barrier to change.

I have worked in several NHS services over the years including: IAPT service for Ealing, West London NHS Trust; Early Intervention for Psychosis, West London NHS Trust; Psychosis Recovery Team South London and Maudsley NHS Trust; Integrative Team East London NHS Trust.

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